Client information
How do I book a session?
Simply e-mail or call 705.586.0413 to book your session. A deposit will be required to secure your appointment. During this e-mail, or phone call we may discuss your expectations and requests for the session. A contract will then be signed to protect both the client and photographer.

What does the session fee include?
A typical session fee includes my time and travel to, during and from the appointment. An online gallery filled with edited photos from the session. 5 social media files, 1 customized facebook cover photo, and an optional in home consultation for Wall Art. Optional pre-session consultation to discuss location, what to wear, and to get more comfortable with one another.

What should we wear?
The best thing to do when trying to decide what to wear is to look online at photos similar to what you are looking for, Solids often work much better than patterns. Avoid Blacks, and Whites. If you are looking for Black and White photographs then look at clothing with a lot of contrast. Reds often show up as dingy gray in black and white. Contact the photographer to discuss what to wear for your specific photoshoot.

What about props?
I do have a few props, but I really like to use items with sentimental value to you and your family as props. This is something that can be discussed at a pre-session consultation. If there is something specific you have in mind always ask, I may have it or know how to acquire it.

How many photos can we expect from the shoot?
Due to the nature of my work, How ever many photos work out you will get. Typically 1-2 of each pose.

What happens during a session?
For an On-Location session I will arrive 15-20 minutes prior to the session or go have a look at the location a day or two before to see where the light is best, and where the best background scenes are. Once you arrive I will place you and do a few posed shots. If you have children with you I often try not to place and pose children, their natural poses are usually best. Posing children can frustrate them and make them not want to take part in the photographs. After the posed shots I will ask that mom and dad play around with the children, or that we get some natural shots, At a beach this could mean making some sand castles as a family, or something as simple as dad throwing the children in the air. 

For an In-Home session I will arrive 10 minutes prior to the appointment time. This is my time to set up backdrops, search your home for light, suitable props, and nice backgrounds. We will then start with our photoshoot, depending on the type of photoshoot is dependant on how the shoot goes and for how long it goes. Maternity photoshoots and photoshoots with only adults are a lot easier (at times) than photoshoots with young children and babies. Newborns can take up to 4 or 5 hours depending on their mood and their will to sleep.

What happens when the photo shoot is over?
Once I have packed up my things, and sorted out payment, I go home to start a long process of editing your photos. Once I am done editing the photographs I upload them to the website and email you the link to the gallery. Sometimes if requested only, I will post sneak peaks to facebook. Once your gallery is online, you will have 30 days to order your prints through me. After the 30 days you will be able to order directly through the website, (which is slightly more costly) up until one year after your session date. At that time your gallery will be removed. If for some reason you would like to purchase photos later on in life from your gallery you can feel comforted knowing that I do keep all galleries files backed up. However there will be a $50.00 admin fee for me to retrieve them for you to order prints, and the prints will have to be ordered through the website.

What does Editing entail?
When I say edit, It is a way for me to make the photographs pop just a little more, I use very subtle editing techniques as to not take away from the original image. If you are looking for the photographer that will make you look 30lbs lighter and have blue eyes instead of green, then I am probably not the photographer for you. However I will remove blemishes, tone down stretch marks or completely remove. Depending on the difficulty or the amount of time it takes to do, certain additional editing may have an additional cost.

How long until we get to see our photos?
2-3 weeks is the average wait time to see your photos from a basic session. Some sessions that produce more digital files may take longer to sort and edit. How do I order Prints? There are two ways to order prints. The first is directly though your photographer. You can send an e-mail with the file name, print size and QTY of prints. Your photographer will then call you to confirm the order. You will receive an invoice via e-mail. Once the invoice is paid, the photographer will send the order through to the printer, who will then ship it to the photographer for pick up by you. For an additional $10 fee you can have the order shipped directly to your home. Orders under $100.00 are subject to a $15.00 Shipping and Admin Fee. 
The second option you have is to order directly from the site. The site does charge slightly more, and has a shipping charge no matter what the amount is that you spend, but it is easy to use, and will get your prints to you fast.

What are my print options?
ATTG offers a large variety of printing options, almost any size you can think of, as well as customized items such as ready to hang prints, coffee table books, and cards. Speak to your photographer about a in home consultation. This will help when deciding what size prints to get.

Can I get the digital files?
You will receive 5 social media files, watermarked low resolution digital files, with each session. ATTG does not sell the digital files. I take great pride in my work and want to make sure that each print that goes out into the world is of great quality, and something I can be proud of. Many 1 hour print labs use cheap ink and cheap paper, leaving the prints to fade, or discolour over time. My monitor is calibrated with the labs that I use for printing, so I know that the colour I mean the photo to be is the colour that will come out. There is nothing worse that green skin tones and pixilated backgrounds.